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Model Year
System Upgrades
Polished Head Unit (P-Series or D- Series) (add $275)
Polished SC Bracket (add $250)
Black Finish Head Unit (P-Series or D-Series) (add $275)
Black Finish Bracket (add $175)
P1X Head Unit (add $200)
D1SC Head Unit (add $250)
D-1X Head Unit (add $425)
F-1D, F-1, F-1A Head Unit (add $775)
Race Bypass (add $295)
Air to Air Race Intercooler (add $345)
Helical Gear (P or D Series Only) (add $100)
Map Sensor adaptor bag (add $150)
In-Tank Fuel Pump (add $436)
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2015-2017 Dodge Challenger 5.7L Tuner Kit
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ProCharger now has complete HO systems for 5.7L HEMI R/T Challengers and Chargers, utilizing a shared drive arrangement and a new, innovative intercooler configuration.

This system utilizes the industry P-1SC-1 self-contained ProCharger supercharger and large, highly-effective air-to-air intercooler. Owners can expect gains of 160+ horsepower when installed on a stock 5.7L HEMI while still running pump gas. Our systems provide the largest power gains with the coolest charge air temperatures for unmatched power reliably delivered with relatively easy installation.

The 5.7L HEMI R/T HO Systems is 100% complete and include fuel injectors as well as a handheld programmer.

HO Tuner Kits exclude handheld tuner and fuel injectors.


• Satin, Polished, or Black supercharger and bracket finish
• Helical Gearset for noise reduction (P-1SC-1 and D-1SC only)
• Tuner Kits allow for D-1SC up to F-1A-94 upgrades
• Race Intercooler upgrade (from HO intercooler)
• Race Bypass Valve upgrade available

ProCharger HO Systems and Tuner Kits Intercooled

 ProCharger Systems and Tuner Kits for 2011-14 6.4L SRT8 Challengers offer a gain of 200+ horsepower with a conservative 7 psi, on otherwise stock engines. This industry leading technology provides the coolest charge air temperatures, largest power gains and most repeatable performance available. For those wanting to purchase a tuner kit and have custom tuning performed by a local dealer, gains can exceed 225+ HP.

 ProCharger's 6.4L/392 systems and tuner kits feature the industry standard P-1SC-1 ProCharger, with self-contained oiling, billet impeller and billet gear cases. This kit also features highly effective and reliable air-to-air intercooling, which combines with an advantaged mounting location and best in class supercharger efficiency to minimize heat production and heat transfer, and maximize reliable power gains.

Easy Install and 100% Reversible

The ProCharger engineering staff works hard to ensure that not only will your supercharger system be easy enough to install in a home garage with an OEM fit and finish, but also that it leaves no permanent changes to the automobile, like cutting or trimming of body parts. This gives you the piece of mind that installing the Ultimate Power Adder won't affect the resale or trade-in value. Need help with installation? ProCharger also has a vast network of experienced installing dealers all across the USA.

ProCharger Stage II Systems

The ProCharger Stage II Supercharger offering features an 8-rib dedicated drive system with the option of a race intercooler upgrade. The bracket system fits head units up to the F-1A-94 without modifications to the car, which means no cutting or trimming with a blower that can support 1,200+ HP! Even though this system is perfect for "race" applications, it can still be used with a P-1SC-1 at lower boost levels for mild street applications.

Intercooler Options

ProCharger also offers a Race Intercooler option for HO and Stage II Intercooled Systems which produces higher horsepower and cooler charge air temperatures. No trimming or cutting is required to fit this highly effective intercooler behind the bumper, thanks to a custom ProCharger design built just for this application. This intercooler option also produces cooler air and larger power gains on stock engines.

ProCharger 2014-11 Challenger Systems & Tuner Kits

? HO Intercooled System and Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1

? Stage II Intercooled System and Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1 (dedicated 8-rib drive)

ProCharger 2014-11 Challenger Choices & Upgrades

? Satin, Polished, or Black supercharger and bracket finish

? Helical Gearset for noise reduction (P-1SC-1 and D-1SC only)

? Tuner Kits allow for D-1SC up to F-1A-94 upgrades

? Race Intercooler upgrade (from HO intercooler)

? Race Bypass Valve upgrade available

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