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6.2L 420ci Short Block High Boost Package
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Hellcat, Trackhawk, and Demon owners need a 6.2L block with a little more displacement.

 Built For Boost! The 6.2L based 420ci Short Block is the perfect combination for a high boost and high reving engine. We designed the 420ci Short Block with upgraded parts as a standard due to the high HP demands of our customers. The first difference is the 8 counterweight crank. The added counterweights allow for more stability in higher RPM ranges. 4340 Billet I-Beam rods with L19 Rod Bolts are a standard part in this assembly. Diamond Racing Custom designed 2618 Pistons with a 1.2 , 1.2 , 3.0 Ring set are rated at 1500HP. One other thing we include with this short block is the L19 Head stud kit. These studs provide the needed clamping force and tensile strength to hold the heads tight under the extreme conditions.  Dyno and Track Tested this short block is for those who are looking for some serious HP out of their ride.    

Backed by a 1yr / 12000 mile warranty.    

Block Prep: 
Casting inspection
Sonic Check cylinder walls
Deburr interior surfaces
Chamfer and Radius edges
Cylinder Bore and Hone
Line Bore and Hone
Total Block Cleansing


4340 Forged 8 Counter Weight Crankshaft 
4340 Billet I-Beam Rods w/L19 Rod Bolts
Diamond Racing 2618 Piston / Steel Top Ring 
ARP Main Studs
Clevite H-Series Bearings
ARP L19 Head Studs

Cubic Inches: 420
Liters: 7.0
Bore Size: 4.095"
Rod Length: 6.125"
Stroke: 4.00"

Please allow up to 4 weeks delivery. 

Call or email to discuss your 6.2L HEMI build. 


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