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Hellcat Charger 1000+HP 1pc Aluminum Driveshaft

2015+ Hellcat Charger


 This single shaft is the same design that we have been using in most modern muscle cars for the last 2 years and is a proven and trouble free shaft for the Challenger, and now the Hellcat too. This shaft will replace the stock 2 piece shaft and eliminate the disconnected feeling you get from the stock shaft with its Giubo (rubber drive) and soft hanger bearing rubber. The stock shaft has to have the Guibos twist, then the hanger bearing moves up and only after all this happens the car will start to move. With this new 4" aluminum driveshaft that uses a 1350 joint on one end and a Custom CV on the other will make the car feel more connected or more athletic. The response from the gas pedal will be more responsive and will increase 60ft times at the track. This shaft will require a small spacer installed under the front mount of the diff (simple as removing the bolt and slipping it in) to ensure clearance on the rear section of the shaft. This is balanced like all shafts on our 9500rpm balancer so you know its done to the best standards available today. 

1. 1350 u-joint 
2. Custom 108mm CV with high speed boot and special grease
3. Spline made from 300m and installed into aluminum head for superior strength and light weight
4. Balanced on our high speed machine
5. Comes complete with all high grade hardware (not more bent Guibo bolts)
6. Rated for 1000hp +
7, 1-year warranty. 
8. 25lbs 

Please Note: 
- This driveshaft for 2015+ models DO NOT REQUIRE SPACERS
- Exhaust system may need to be modified for adequate clearance (.75”)

Part Number: CHSH11-A-HELL-D

It has come to our attention that some of the 2015+ Dodge Charger and Challenger models are prone to an inherent drivetrain noise that is being caused by the stock differential. The noise is present with the factory driveshaft but can be made more noticeable with the installation of a 1-piece driveshaft. Not all of these cars have this issue, but we are offering this internally dampened version for those that do. 

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